Sel Zonn Station

Sel Zonn Station is one of over a dozen XQ2 Space Platforms in orbit around Brentaal. Manufactured by Bengel Shipbuilders some years before the beginning of the adventure, Sel Zonn Station has not flourished since the rise of the Empire. Though it still sees a great deal of traffic from Brentaal and from travelers, the Empire has allowed large sections of the station to languish and fall apart. Thanks to the rise of anti-alien sentiment, especially on the Core Worlds, the more run-down sections of Sel Zonn Station are now inhabited by aliens. As such, a rift divides the station—wealthy, privileged Human Imperial loyalists occupy the nicer sections of the station, while all others are relegated to worn and sometimes dangerous secondary sections.

The interior of the space station conforms to the Imperial standard. Since Sel Zonn Station orbits a Core World, it is far better maintained than other structures of its age, and the main areas see constant renovations and repairs. However, a few steps off of the beaten path quickly reveal that the station is rotting from the inside out. A short walk away from the main venues leads to decrepit sections of the station, filled with broken lights, tarnished metal walls, missing deck plates, and all manner of suspicious aliens that have been driven out of the nicer sections by the Empire.

In addition to providing boarding and supply services, Sel Zonn Station is host to a number of businesses that cater specifically to travelers. All shopkeepers on Sel Zonn Station sell at the prices listed in the Saga Edition Core Rulebook. Almost all shops are located on the Promenade, though a few are off the beaten path. Some of the most popular establishments include:

• Gundark’s Cantina: Owned and operated by a gruff Human male named “Gundark” Saff, Gundark’s Cantina is a place where people from all walks of life can come to relax. Though Gundark himself shows some anti-alien bias, he does not prevent non-Humans from patronizing his establishment. As such, it is a popular meeting place for nearly anyone on the station, and it features a large number of secluded booths for private conversations.

• The Credit Chip: A local casino that attracts a wide variety of patrons, the Credit Chip is operated by a quiet and brooding Human named Cecil Vane. Vane doesn’t like what the Empire has done to the station, especially since they don’t take it too well when he cheats Imperial officers out of their money. The most popular games in the galaxy, including sabacc and pazaak, see a lot of play here.

• Delgas Medical Supplies: A corporate medical practice and pharmaceutical supplier, Delgas Medical Supplies provides care to those who can afford it. The chief doctor in the practice is Byra Fenn, a talented Human woman with secrets to keep. Dr. Fenn has had extensive dealings with one of the station’s information brokers, a protocol droid named Switch, and she owes him several favors.

• Mechanical Allies: A droid repair and sales shop, this is one of the few businesses run by a non-Human that hasn’t been shut down by the Empire. Operated by an untrustworthy Twi’lek named San, Mechanical Allies sells all manner of droid parts and reconditioned droids. Despite the fact that most of his droids are faulty, San has remained in business thanks to his own savvy and his ability to buy off the Empire from time to time.

Sel Zonn Station

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