Taalan Visk

Tall and lean, this Togruta has the weathered look and keen eye of a solider for hire.

Name: Taalan Visk Race: Togruta Class: Solider Level: 2 Player: Kevin
Age: 22 Sex: Male Ht: 6’1”(6’9”) Wt: 170 lbs. Markings: Dark Blue and Grey.
STR: 15 +2 HP: 40 Init: +10
DEX: 18 +4 DT: 16 Percep: +8
CON: 14 +2 Fort: 16 Base Atk: +2
INT: 16 +3 Ref: 19 (FF: 15) FP: 6 DP: 1
WIS: 14 +2 Will: 14
CHA: 12 +1 Spd: 6
Skills: Initiative +10, Perception +8, Mechanics +9, Pilot +10, Treat Injury. +8, Use Computer +9.

Special Abilities:

Pack Hunter – +2 dmg bonus when flanking.

Sneaky – Reroll any Stealth check, keep second roll.

Echolocation – Ignore cover and concealment within 10 sq.


Devastating Attack – Rifles: When using this weapon treat all targets damage threshold as if it were 5 points lower.


Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot


Star Anvil

Single Shot Atk +7 3d8+2 dmg
Rapid Shot Atk +5 4d8+2 dmg
Autofire Atk +2 3d8+2 2×2 area effect

Slug Thrower Pistol

Single Shot Atk +7 2d6+2 dmg
Rapid Shot Atk +5 3d6+2 dmg

Frag Grenade:

Atk +6 4d6 dmg 2sq burst area effect

Combat knife:

Atk +4 1d4+3 dmg


Imperial Munitions StarAnvil Heavy Blaster Rifle

DMG: 3D8 Stun: Yes RoF: Single(Auto) Wt: 9kg. Type: Energy

-Accurate: The StarAnvil scores a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20.(Note: A natural 19 is not an automatic hit, if you roll a 19 and still miss you do not score a critical hit).

-Rapid Recycler(upgrade): This upgrade allows a single shot weapon to fire on autofire. Switching between firing modes is a swift action.

-Targeting Scope: Lowers range penalty by one category. Must aim to gain benefit.

Slug Thrower Pistol

Combat Knife


Armored Flight Suit – No helmet.

Ref+5 Fort+2 Max Dex. +3


Utility Belt -food cap(3days), datapad, electrobinoculars, breath mask, aqua breather, glow rod, liquid cable and grappling hook, tool kit, security kit, power recharger.

Bandoleer -5 power packs, 3 clips, 3 frag grenades, 1 combat knife

Field Pack


Taalan Visk grew up in the snowy Northern reaches of the Togruta home world, Shili. The tall turu-grass that grew where his pack hunted was dark blue and gray in color. So too were the markings on Talaan’s three long head tails and his two montrals atop his head, which set his clan apart from most Togruta and their red markings.

Known to be fearsome warriors even among their own race, the Visk clan hunted many rare animals not usually seen by most Togruta. At a very young age Taalan followed his father and older brother into the wild as they set out on a hunt. After two days of sleeping in the cold he eventually caught up with his kin who were not pleased to see him out so far at such a young age. However, as is the custom with Togruta, Taalan’s father and brother allowed him to travel with them but afforded him no special treatment.

With all the effort and stamina his young body could muster he continued to follow his family but over time he fell behind. One night, as the setting sun was reflecting off the snowy plains, he realized he was lost and alone. At first he stated to panic and call out for his father but survival instincts kicked in and Taalan realized many hunters prowled the night and would be drawn to the sound of his voice.

He closed his eyes and steadied his breathing, as the wind whistled through his ears a calm came over him and he opened his eyes once more. He looked out over the plain in front of him and saw a small ridge in the distance, he determined that he could reach it by nightfall if he set out right then. Shouldering his small pack and drawing his simple knife he began to trek towards safety.

As Taalan grew closer he discovered the ridge was actually a large cave which would provide excellent cover from the nights chill wind. Approaching cautiously he checked the ground for tracks but the recent snow falls had erased all signs of life. Pulling his only glow rod from his pack he made his way into the mouth of the cave and began exploring some of the dark tunnels, many of which were very large.

Finding a suitable area that blocked the wind and provided enough warmth took some time but eventually he found an opening that would work. He quickly built a small fire, tucked his pack under his head and pulled his cloak over his shoulder as a blanket. In a few minutes he was asleep.

After what seemed like only a few minutes Taalan’s eyes snapped open as subtle vibrations in his horns alerted him to the presence of another creature making its way toward him, a very large creature from what he could tell. With slow movements Taalan drew his knife and picked up his glow rod, which was quickly becoming dark. He stood facing the direction of the creature and held his breath. As he backed slowly away from the sounds he tripped over what was left of his fire, cursing and scattering embers as he fell. Immediately the creature roared and moved in his direction, frantically Taalan looked around and in the dim light he could see a tunnel branching off from this main area.

He dashed towards the tunnel and as he looked over his shoulder his stomach fell for he could barely make out the shape of the immense creature charging after him, a deadly Akul. Determined not to die in this dark cave Taalan ran on hoping to put some distance between himself and the Akul. He came across another wide opening and noticed a slightly smaller tunnel to his right, hardly pausing he dashed into this new tunnel hoping the Akul was too large to follow.

As Taalan rounded a bend he realized his mistake for this tunnel ended in a small chamber with no other tunnels branching off it. Quickly he turned around and started to run back the way he came but the Akul crashed into the opening of the small tunnel, shaking the walls around him. Fear started to grip Taalan as he realized the walls would not stand the assault of the Akul and soon it would tear its way through to him. The young Togruta ran back to the small chamber hoping to find something he had overlooked or some other way out.

Taalan began running his hands along the walls searching for any kind of recess in which to hide. Finding nothing he dropped to his knees and began digging along the base of the wall with his bare hands as the great creature behind him ground its way through the tunnel and grew very close.

Tears welled up in the child’s eyes as it dawned on him that he would never again see his family, would never again hunt the wild plains with his pack. Quietly he began to utter small prayers to his gods asking for help and in return promising to help those who would need it in the future. He closed his eyes tight and took a deep breath for he heard the Akul very close now. Slowly he stood and pulled his knife, determined to die fighting.

The beast crashed into view and Taalan put one foot back against a large boulder, bracing himself for the attack. As he settled his weight the boulder shifted and rolled to one side, Taalan looked down as he caught his footing and hope filled his eyes. Hidden behind the boulder was a long dead body dressed in a suit of old Imperial armor, next to it lay a worn and dented heavy blaster rifle with a long barrel almost as tall as Taalan himself. Bending down to grab the rifle Taalan noticed the power pack was empty and with the Akul crashing towards him he began to move as if some unseen hand guided his actions.

In one smooth motion Taalan pressed the release button on the rifle, dumping the spent power pack, and pulled an extra pack from the bodies utility belt slamming it into place. Hefting the rifle with all his strength he turned and brought the long barrel level with the Akul’s face. Bracing the rifle on the rocks behind him he closed one eye and narrowed his sights, holding the shot until the Akul was but a few meters away. When the giant beast rushed forward it opened its mouth and let out a great roar, Taalan tightened his finger on the trigger and the powerful blaster burnt a hold in the soft flesh of the creatures mouth and through the back of its head. The Akul’s momentum carried it forward as it fell, eventually skidding to a stop at Taalan’s feet. Blinking a few times to readjust his eyes Taalan saw the slain Akul, took a deep breath, and with a slight chuckle he said to the darkness.

“Now that was fun.”

Taalan Visk

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